Fetal Attraction, Ya Filthy Pig

Here’s kind of a bonus as I have been beyond scarce on here lately.  This is done with a regular old pen on my tiny Strathmore sketchbook I keep tucked away at work.  It’s been a while since I have really taken the time to do a serious drawing with a pen, so I figured “why start now?”  I originally had absolutely no intentions of posting this, but John D (check out his blog HERE) who I am lucky enough to work with said I should.  Seeing as his opinion actually means something, here ya go:

Fetal Pig
“Fetal Pig” – an “at work on the phone with customers practicing cross-hatching in pen” sketch.

It should be noted that I am about as pleased as I can be with the results of this experiment, especially considering the time and materials were less than ideal.  I have every intention of breaking out the dread Rapidographs (if I can get over the fear of cleaning them afterwards) and make something more substantial.