Challenges: Motivation By Collaboration, Elder Gods, Brown Nipples and Stuff…

Firstly, BAM!

“Todd-N-John Exquisite Corpse” – Top half done by me in Corel Painter, and the bottom (better) half done by John Douglas in Clip Studio Paint. The two halves blended together also by John Douglas.

I mean just look at that shit!  I wish I could take all the credit, but alas, the bottom and better part was done by an awesome artist and my friend John Douglas.   This “Exquisite Corpse” was started by John in retaliation to a challenge I gave him a few weeks ago, but I’ll get around to that later.

So John thought it would be a good idea to make a bar-code in the center of a very large canvas and have me ink the top of the bar-code and he would fill the bottom (as they say in the hood.)  Neither one of us would know what the other was going to be doing with their space, but the white and black of the bar-code would determine what would remain paper, and what would be inked, and in theory, the two halves should be able to be stitched together.

My Response_Small
My half of the picture with the “Bar-code” guidelines still in place on the bottom.

What resulted on my end was a humongous tangle of false-starts, headaches, and general frustration of trying to make something that would utilize the spaces of that damned bar-code.  I attempted to use pencil to create a rough sketch that would hopefully aid in problem solving the puzzle, but that failed me over and over again.  Finally I reverted to an old technique from the school of “Fuckitall” where I beat the digital canvas with sloppy scribbles of the pen and hoped for the best.  When I gave John the news that I was finished, and explained my difficulties in getting this thing to work, he assured me that he too had a hell of a time and that it was a pain in the ass.  Neither one of us had much faith that these would fit together well at all.

And then the time came to crop off the little bar-code and put the two pieces together:

“Todd-N-John Exquisite Corpse: The Rough Version” – Top half done by me in Corel Painter, and the bottom (better) half done by John Douglas in Clip Studio Paint.

Unfuckingbelievable…As you can see, even before John applied slight blending around the seam, the fit was pretty damn amazing.  I no longer hate my half now that I see it in context, and I absolutely love John’s half.  He too seemed very surprised by this stating “It’s almost a “Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” kind of thing.”  I guess this goes to show that sometimes shit that never should have worked under any circumstances manages to find a way if you just keep poking at it.


And now about the initial challenge I instigated.   Check this out:

Johns Response_Small
John’s awesome and heavy-nippled response to my challenge.

Several weeks ago I found myself missing some of the drawing games my siblings and I would play:  One of us would draw a “scribble” and hand it off to another sibling to almost always turn that scribble into a throbbing vein-covered, or curled up, or knotted, or banana-shaped dick which may or may not have a propeller jutting out of the tip.  As most of my siblings have these things called lives and don’t live near me any longer, I figured it might be fun to try this digitally with someone who isn’t even guaranteed to draw a wang.

I sent the following to John Douglas:

My Challenge_Small
A random mess of shapes and colors created in ArtStudio Pro on the Ipad Pro then sent off to John Douglas to work his voodoo on them.

 I admit that I was aiming for a hint of rancid and infected meat, as that is not his typical forte, but he soldiered on, flipped the page over, and made something I think is pretty damn awesome.  I love the fact that the alien is so …alien.  The colors and use of cast light, and the robed buddies on the stone admiring the giant brown alien nipples…hahahahaha!  I LOVE this thing!

I want to thank John for taking part in these shenanigans with me.  Even though this last one kicked my ass, the end result is pretty fricking cool and at the end of the day I still had a great time.  I hope to do this again one of these days.

And thanks to anyone who read this.  Make sure to swing by John’s Art Blog to see how a real artist arts stuff.


Fetal Attraction, Ya Filthy Pig

Here’s kind of a bonus as I have been beyond scarce on here lately.  This is done with a regular old pen on my tiny Strathmore sketchbook I keep tucked away at work.  It’s been a while since I have really taken the time to do a serious drawing with a pen, so I figured “why start now?”  I originally had absolutely no intentions of posting this, but John D (check out his blog HERE) who I am lucky enough to work with said I should.  Seeing as his opinion actually means something, here ya go:

Fetal Pig
“Fetal Pig” – an “at work on the phone with customers practicing cross-hatching in pen” sketch.

It should be noted that I am about as pleased as I can be with the results of this experiment, especially considering the time and materials were less than ideal.  I have every intention of breaking out the dread Rapidographs (if I can get over the fear of cleaning them afterwards) and make something more substantial.