Demonic Selfie – a Return to the Stylus

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make a New Year’s Resolution to make and post one drawing a week
  2. Post this resolution on your blog
  3. Completely blow it by not drawing a damn thing for a couple months immediately after

So I work a lot of hours at a pretty draining job with a long ride to and from work that basically leaves me a slouching lazy couch-stain at the end of the day.  Couch stains don’t draw much, but when they do they realize that their most prized Wacom Cintiq Companion’s charger port is shit, and every tiny movement causes the charging to abruptly come to a halt.  On top of this, couch stains also discover just how battery-hungry the Cintiq Companion truly is.  This is not the most optimal situation for someone like me who likes to spend several hours drawing (when I have several hours to spare) with the Companion wiggling in my lap and the tv playing reruns of true crime shows I have seen a thousand times in the background.  To be continued after the following:

“Demonic Selfie” – Drawn on the Ipad Pro with the Apple Pencil in “Paintstorm Studio”

Yeah, my Wacom Companion took a digital shit on me (and apparently many others according to the forums) I went in search of a new fix.  As I have warmed up towards Apple products first with my IPhone, and later with my IPad Air – I came to the conclusion that I used them more for browsing the interweb for inter-species erotica and Ebaying mummified ex-pets than I do my laptops – it seemed obvious that all the overtime I have been working should go towards an upgrade for my IPad Air as Apple has yet to let me down.

The IPad Pro (the big version) along with the Apple Pencil and the Logitech keyboard/case was an awesome investment.  I won’t review any of those things here, as YouTube already is flooded with people singing their praise, but how is it for drawing?  I’ve messed around with Procreate, Paper, Sketchbook, Artrage, ArtStudio, as well as others I can’t immediately recall, but none of them were able to touch Corel Painter (the holy grail of digital drawing/painting programs) on my old nearly deceased Companion.  Some worked better than others with the ability to tilt the pencil and pressure sensitivity – both for me are absolute necessities – but none were great, so I continued my search.

Enter Painstorm Studio.  Holy FUCK!  This is a true full-featured app not at all dumbed down for tablets.  As a person who is sexually aroused by Corel Painter, this gives me a pretty good chub too.  The brushes are all customizable, support Apple Pencil’s tilt and pressure sensitivity, layers, and can export in Photoshop-compatible .psd files as well as Jpegs.  I LOVE this program and hope that more people hear about and support this developer (the cost was 12.99 at the time of this writing and easily worth twice that) so they continue to develop it.  This is my new favorite IPad Pro app and one I would consider essential for any artists out there with an IPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

So this picture was my very first non-doodle created exclusively on the IPad Pro in Paintstorm Studio.  The experience of working on this new hardware and software will take a while to acclimate myself to, but I love what I am seeing enough to stick with it until it does.  Maybe in 85 more decades when I have free time I will post another!


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