Looks Like Crayfish-Clawed Betty’s Gone and Growd a God-Damned Seed Pod on Her Side

A new year and a new resolution to go unfulfilled.  I optimistically promise myself that I can and will make a series of surreal, bizarre, and downright adult-themed ebony pencil drawings this year.  I pretend that I believe the bullshit story that I can do about one a week, but I know for a fact that I am full of shit.  Still…here’s the first:

“Grown A Pod” – the first in a planned series of adult-themed bizarre ebony pencil drawings. Based on your mom.

I have always appreciated when a book or movie doesn’t feel the need to explain the background or motivations of a character or situation; rather they just are, or just do.  In leaving out said information, the viewer or reader is forced to engage his or her imagination.  Imagination will always have the potential to be infinitely richer and more terrifying or satisfying than any slop you might see on a page or a screen.

With this series I am not going to tell why why this beef-curtain-toting crayfish-clawed chick decided to grow a seed pod on one side of her rib-cage, I’m just going to show you that she in fact did, and leave it up to you to suss out the hows and whys.

Enjoy and stay tuned to see how long it takes me butcher yet another empty New Years resolution!