Baby New Year…1918

As my new job thinks that having me work third shift and way too many hours is the hip thing to do, I do only have a small handful of hours of “free time” available each week to do anything that can be considered “recreational”.  I try like hell to use at least a few of these random scraps of minutes to do activities that can be classified as “constructive”, then when I am done masturbating furiously to whatever the ID channel happens to be showing, I try to do some scribbling.  Without wasting any more time typing up this hot wit (I just turned on the ID channel after all) I present what is most likely going to be my final post of this year:

“Boner” – An ebony pencil drawing based on an original photograph I took of a real human skull I ended up shlepping on Ebay.

Fret not, I will be back with one to six vengeances in the new year!  Once again, to everyone who looks at my garbage, thanks! Happy New Years to you and I hope you don’t die!


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