Second Childhood – “Todd”

Here is the second picture in my “Second Childhood” series in which I “finish” artwork I started as a stupid child.  This piece is titled “Todd” and began almost 36 years ago in 1980 when I was 4.  (For you mathematicians out there, yeah, I’m THAT old…)  You’ll note that I neglected to draw pants on this guy, and even gave him one of those things.

“Todd 2015” – Drawn with marker on scrap paper in 1980. Finished in Corel Painter in 2015.

And here’s the original:

“Todd 1980” – I consider this one of my best drawings and have been trying for almost 36 years to create something as cool as this with no luck as of yet.



2 thoughts on “Second Childhood – “Todd”

  1. Your self-portrait is uncannily accurate! I’m pretty sure I saw you in that one episode of “Muppet Babies”… 😉

    Also, I really like the larger pictures on the main page–NICE!

    Your pal (and Superman’s),

    John D.


    1. Well hello good sir! Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the sentiments of the resemblance being uncanny, but my retarded 4 year old mind was way off with the red wing spots prediction. Mine are more of a burnt umber at best, and I am short one finger! Oh well, I aimed a little too high I suppose. If I could go back in time and slap some of those fantastic dreams out of pompous 4 year old me I would, but future me hasn’t returned with that damned time machine yet. Does it ever get any easier?
      Thanks again for the comment and for being one of the few who actually check out my scribbles! Hope you’re doing well and drawing plenty of nekkids!


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