No Peeking – A christmas Miracle

As I neglected to exploit my very favorite holiday of the year this year – Halloween – I decided to make up for it by doing a horror themed christmas picture.  This was worked on during the scarce free time I had during the past three days as I began a new job with random and brutal hours.

No Peeking
“No Peeking” – My attempt at spreading some holiday cheer.

I hope to be back with a New Years piece, but only time will tell.  Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for looking!



Second Childhood – “Todd”

Here is the second picture in my “Second Childhood” series in which I “finish” artwork I started as a stupid child.  This piece is titled “Todd” and began almost 36 years ago in 1980 when I was 4.  (For you mathematicians out there, yeah, I’m THAT old…)  You’ll note that I neglected to draw pants on this guy, and even gave him one of those things.

“Todd 2015” – Drawn with marker on scrap paper in 1980. Finished in Corel Painter in 2015.

And here’s the original:

“Todd 1980” – I consider this one of my best drawings and have been trying for almost 36 years to create something as cool as this with no luck as of yet.


Fetal Attraction, Ya Filthy Pig

Here’s kind of a bonus as I have been beyond scarce on here lately.  This is done with a regular old pen on my tiny Strathmore sketchbook I keep tucked away at work.  It’s been a while since I have really taken the time to do a serious drawing with a pen, so I figured “why start now?”  I originally had absolutely no intentions of posting this, but John D (check out his blog HERE) who I am lucky enough to work with said I should.  Seeing as his opinion actually means something, here ya go:

Fetal Pig
“Fetal Pig” – an “at work on the phone with customers practicing cross-hatching in pen” sketch.

It should be noted that I am about as pleased as I can be with the results of this experiment, especially considering the time and materials were less than ideal.  I have every intention of breaking out the dread Rapidographs (if I can get over the fear of cleaning them afterwards) and make something more substantial.


…because “Shopkins” is copyrighted.

So here I am, over a month, drunk off my stupid ass, and absolutely nothing to show until now.  I’m sure my drunk mind has some sort of totally rad social commentary to preach with this one, but hell if I feel like trying to decipher exactly what that might be right now.  Without further ado, I present my latest drunken digital scribble:

“Shopchin” – a Drunken commentary of some sort of undetermined significance…or not…

That thing the swollen-eyed creature is holding is a jelly-dick.  After that I am kind of uncertain just where in the fuck I was going with this.  Something about capitalism or whatever in the fuck is the hot topic I’m sure.  Be impressed though..I’m certain there’s a totally brilliant idea behind this one…