Cthulhu! Excuse me…

Well, it’s been over a month and I hope you’ve all had enough time to learn your lessons: you can’t trust me to keep any kind of deadline when it comes to drawing.  The following is a sketch I started while sitting in front of the tv with a good friend watching movie after movie.  I have been trying to be more active lately and accomplish more than just watching movies and playing games, so to avoid the inevitable guilt following such a bout of sloth, I decided to break out my Cintiq Companion and scribble up a quick Cthulhu.  Normally these mindless sketches are unfinished and deleted before powering down the computer, but as I didn’t totally hate how it was turning out, and seeing as I desperately needed something to put on this blog, I decided to finish it, sign it, and glue it to the interweb so I can appear slightly less lazy than I have been lately.

"Cthulhu" - A "sitting on my ass in front of the tv watching movie after movie with a friend" justification sketch.
“Cthulhu” – A “sitting on my ass in front of the tv watching movie after movie with a friend” justification sketch.

I have a pretty large amount of work doing some illustrations for my aforementioned friend (the one that isn’t imaginary) that I have agreed to, thus I have expectations and guidelines that actually mean something and are not self-imposed.  I’m hoping that means more productivity on my end which will result in more frequent posts.  I hope to be back very soon. Time will tell…


“Turbo Kid” was the tits!