Flesh Tree

Here’s one of those things I started on a whim a while back then ran out of steam.  I figured I’d knock a few unfinished things off the list so I can focus on my next gazillion and 3/4 projects.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  If it appears rushed and amateurish that’s only because it is.  Still, there’s something in the concept I may very well revisit.  Humans are disgusting concoctions with some truly foul ingredients.  I thought it’d be funny to rebuild a shitty cliche landscape with some of these ingredients, and this is what I came up with:

Flesh Tree - because we're fucking gross
Flesh Tree – because we’re fucking gross

I will be back soon with those Marvel Handbook entries I mentioned in an earlier post as the deadline is fast-approaching.  Thanks for viewing!


Yoda Yoda Yoda…

Well, so much for semi-regular posts.  A billion things going on and a scarcity of time.  On the plus side though, there’s no shortage of projects on the burner, so with time and motivation at least I won’t be staring slack-jawed at the wall any more than usual!

“Yoda” – Ebony pencil and white Prismacolor colored pencil on gray-toned paper. Made for a friend.

This sick little puppy is based on some obscure Muppety mystic bastard from some unknown science fiction film…maybe “Shartnado 6: Molly Ringworm’s Firecrotch” or some shit like that?  Anyways, I believe this character was played by Kevin Spacey before he died, but I may be wrong.

I have a friend who took my poor ass to see the new Mad Max movie, and I had some new gray toned paper, so I decided to break out an ebony pencil and a white Prismacolor and shamelessly copy this creation from George Lopez’s cherished universe as a really shitty thank you to him.  He likes these scientifically accurate history flicks.

I REALLY hope to have another posting on here in the very near future.